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    New Bug: Lightroom CC 2015.6 ignores pinned folders in the import dialog


      Since the update to LR CC 2015.6 the import dialog ignores the pinned source folder and does not expand the target folder panel to show the last selected folder.


      My workflow is, that I copy my photos from the memory card into a folder on my harddrive. That folder is (was...) pinned in the import dialog as default import source. It worked fine until the last update. No LR ignores the "pinned" setting - well, I can pin it again, but if I start the next import, then this setting is lost.


      And I always use as target folder the setting "into subfolder". Before 2015.6, LR showed the last selected folder on the right side of the import dialog. And the root folder was pinned to the root directory of the photos managed by LR.


      Now it does nothing and ignores also that pinned folder, so I always have to locate it starting from drive's root directory.