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    Send to Illustrator - single machine


      The Adobe mobile apps need a true native export option for saving a layered Illustrator file to Box/DropBox/etc.

      Short of that, I use the "Send to Illustrator CC" option which works great for me. The only issue is that it opens the file on both my local machine, and on my other machine which has Adobe CC installed under the same license.


      But I don't want my files opening up on that machine - it's a real inconvenience for the person using that machine for other tasks at home. Besides telling them to log out of Creative Cloud is there anything else you can do to make the file only appear on one machine?


      (Sync is turned off, but this strangely does nothing).



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi GMoon.


          Check out this new function in Illustrator CC (it's not in the rest of the desktop apps yet but will be):

          Open Illustrator CC and on the splash screen you'll see a Mobile Creations tab. Just tap that and your mobile work should be there. (The attached image is what the desktop will look like.)


          If you don't see the Mobile Creations tab make sure you're up-to-date on all your software Illustrator CC (v19.2.1) and the Creative Cloud Desktop App (v3.7.0.272). If you have to update the apps, make sure to restart your computer afterward.


          I don't know what the plan is for "native export" to Dropbox etc, but we are working on some sort of hi-res export option outside of Creative Cloud.





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            g_moon Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply Sue. That works really great, but in my book comes with one fatal workflow flaw! I work on a lot of documents and the only way I can see to bring back the Start workspace is to close every document first. Any way around that that you know of? If I was working on a composition and decided to hand-draw an added element on the iPad in a separate file, I'd have to close my document in order to open the new one (unless I'm missing some trick here).


            Of course, I realize many users don't use their 2 allotted installs at the same time, but I hope this can inch close to being a real usable tool!




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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              Nope. You're not missing any tricks. That's the one problem with the Mobile Creations tab: You have to reopen the app to get to the Start workspace again. This is a fairly new feature and I suspect that particular issue will be addressed in an update.


              In order to resolve the issue of work showing up on both desktops, there would have to be a way to choose a destination for the work. I don't know whether that's in the works or not (I've not seen it come up). The Mobile Creations tab is probably the way opening on the desktop will go but that will require some fine-tuning too (as well as a adoption by all the desktop apps).


              Sorry I can't be of more help. I'll pass your comments along to the team.



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                g_moon Level 1

                Thanks so much for your replies. It's awesome to feel like your feedback is acknowledged!


                And again - I realize this is kind of an edge case (most people wouldn't have their work/home copies running at once), but it would help get it closer to feeling more like a pro tool.



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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                  You're welcome. Thanks for posting.


                  Actually, it's not that uncommon... I have the desktop apps installed on my home and work computers and I frequently will get art on my second device when I've already completely forgotten that I'd even sent it.