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    Whoops, looks like an error occured failed


      I posted this yesterday, but it looks like adobe went through some significant changes and deleted it in the process. Either that or it somehow violated some terms, but I can't imagine which ones.


      My issue is that whenever I try to build my app w/ phonegap build using hydration, I get this error with the displayed chrome console:




      When I turn hydration off, the app works. Turn it back on, same error. It's important to note that I recently made some config changes. But since then I had reverted to a version of my app that I had saved from Wednesday, and still get the same error. I noted that I believe hydration isn't working properly that is causing this issue, but haven't gotten confirmation from anyone. Anyone have any ideas what causes this especially in my scenario?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Are you installing a new version of the app after making config changes? If not, that could definitely give you problems (hydration only works on www content).


          It might help to see your config.xml (sans identifying information). Also, what's your app ID (for PGB staff to troubleshoot)?

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            laramier52563501 Level 1

            1) Wednesday a working build is uploaded to PGB

            2) Yesterday, I added icons to the config to remove the nifty robot one

            3) I then zipped > uploaded the icons / config changes to PGB

            4) Hydration runs, shows that error

            5) I upload Wednesday's working version to PGB, same hydration error occurs.

            6) I turn off hydration, re-upload wednesday's working version, re-install app. It works

            7) I turn hydration back on, same error.


            App ID: 1942168 (I was assigned the app)


            The config: (hardly touched it since it was generated)


            <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>

            <widget id="com.phonegap.shadowapp" version="1.0.0"




                <name>Shadow App</name>


                    Delivery To Your Door...


                <author email="support@phonegap.com" href="http://phonegap.com">

                    Sydcon Inc.


                <content src="index.html"/>

                <preference name="permissions" value="none"/>

                <preference name="orientation" value="default"/>

                <preference name="target-device" value="universal"/>

                <preference name="fullscreen" value="true"/>

                <preference name="webviewbounce" value="true"/>

                <preference name="prerendered-icon" value="true"/>

                <preference name="stay-in-webview" value="false"/>

                <preference name="ios-statusbarstyle" value="black-opaque"/>

                <preference name="detect-data-types" value="true"/>

                <preference name="exit-on-suspend" value="false"/>

                <preference name="show-splash-screen-spinner" value="true"/>

                <preference name="auto-hide-splash-screen" value="true"/>

                <preference name="disable-cursor" value="false"/>

                <preference name="android-minSdkVersion" value="14"/>

                <preference name="android-installLocation" value="auto"/>

                <plugin name="cordova-plugin-console" spec="1.0.1" source="pgb" />

                <plugin name="cordova-plugin-device" spec="1.0.1" source="pgb" />

                <plugin name="cordova-plugin-geolocation" spec="1.0.1" source="pgb" />

                <plugin name="cordova-plugin-camera" spec="1.2.0" source="pgb" />

                <plugin name="cordova-plugin-inappbrowser" spec="1.0.1" source="pgb" />

                <icon src="icon.png"/>

                <icon gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="ldpi" src="www/res/icon/android/icon-36-ldpi.png"/>

                <icon gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="mdpi" src="www/res/icon/android/icon-48-mdpi.png"/>

                <icon gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="hdpi" src="www/res/icon/android/icon-72-hdpi.png"/>

                <icon gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="xhdpi" src="www/res/icon/android/icon-96-xhdpi.png"/>

                <icon gap:platform="blackberry" src="www/res/icon/blackberry/icon-80.png"/>

                <icon gap:platform="blackberry" gap:state="hover" src="www/res/icon/blackberry/icon-80.png"/>

                <icon gap:platform="ios" height="57" src="www/res/icon/ios/icon-57.png" width="57"/>

                <icon gap:platform="ios" height="72" src="www/res/icon/ios/icon-72.png" width="72"/>

                <icon gap:platform="ios" height="114" src="www/res/icon/ios/icon-57-2x.png" width="114"/>

                <icon gap:platform="ios" height="144" src="www/res/icon/ios/icon-72-2x.png" width="144"/>

                <icon gap:platform="webos" src="www/res/icon/webos/icon-64.png"/>

                <icon gap:platform="winphone" src="www/res/icon/windows-phone/icon-48.png"/>

                <icon gap:platform="winphone" gap:role="background" src="www/res/icon/windows-phone/icon-173-tile.png"/>

                <gap:splash gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="port-ldpi" src="www/res/screen/android/screen-ldpi-portrait.png"/>

                <gap:splash gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="port-mdpi" src="www/res/screen/android/screen-mdpi-portrait.png"/>

                <gap:splash gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="port-hdpi" src="www/res/screen/android/screen-hdpi-portrait.png"/>

                <gap:splash gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="port-xhdpi"


                <gap:splash gap:platform="blackberry" src="www/res/screen/blackberry/screen-225.png"/>

                <gap:splash gap:platform="ios" height="480" src="www/res/screen/ios/screen-iphone-portrait.png" width="320"/>

                <gap:splash gap:platform="ios" height="960" src="www/res/screen/ios/screen-iphone-portrait-2x.png" width="640"/>

                <gap:splash gap:platform="ios" height="1136" src="www/res/screen/ios/screen-iphone-portrait-568h-2x.png"


                <gap:splash gap:platform="ios" height="1024" src="www/res/screen/ios/screen-ipad-portrait.png" width="768"/>

                <gap:splash gap:platform="ios" height="768" src="www/res/screen/ios/screen-ipad-landscape.png" width="1024"/>

                <gap:splash gap:platform="winphone" src="www/res/screen/windows-phone/screen-portrait.jpg"/>

                <allow-intent href="http://*/*"/>

                <allow-intent href="https://*/*"/>

                <allow-intent href="tel:*"/>

                <allow-intent href="sms:*"/>

                <allow-intent href="mailto:*"/>

                <allow-intent href="geo:*"/>

                <platform name="android">

                    <allow-intent href="market:*"/>


                <platform name="ios">

                    <allow-intent href="itms:*"/>

                    <allow-intent href="itms-apps:*"/>


                <engine name="windows" spec="~4.3.1"/>

                <engine name="android" spec="~5.1.1"/>


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              ryanskihead Adobe Employee

              Did you delete your hydrated app after installing it? The 404 makes me think that's the case. This should be better handled by hydration though still.

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                laramier52563501 Level 1

                No, I never deleted the app. All I've ever done was enable / disable hydration & debugging, and update the code. Should I try deleting it and creating a new one?

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                  laramier52563501 Level 1

                  So I was able to create a new Adobe ID (probably not allowed, but I didn't get a response), and I was able to upload the same zip file without the config changes, and everything worked fine. There must be something wrong with hydration because it's the exact same zip file I used that caused the error above. So for those of you looking for a solution, delete the app via Phonegap Build, then create a new one using the same repo/zip and that's what fixed it for me.

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                    kerrishotts Adobe Employee

                    Note that if you make config.xml changes (or anything that it touches, like a splash screen), you need to reinstall your app. Hydration works only for web content, not config.xml settings, plugins, or icons/launch screens. Sometimes it helps to uninstall the app and reinstall when having issues as well.


                    I'm not sure if that was your issue, but it's worth mentioning.