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    Single easing for a group of objects

    Ro Achterberg

      I have a number of vector objects that have to be animated individually, but I would like to set a single easing function for the entire group.


      More specifically, I'm using a stroke 'reveal original image' effect to create a sort of writing effect of a single letter. The letter needed to be cut up into several objects, to prevent certain points from 'showing too much' where the line crosses itself. As I'm drawing a single letter, I'd like the entire letter (= all of its parts) to be subject to a single easing function.


      As my Google searches have come up empty, I'm hoping for some insights here. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There's an easier way than breaking text up into a whole bunch of layers. Create a track matte, add masks to fix the overlaps, animate mask opacity. Look for a tutorial soon. This may give you enough to go on: (From my post on a completely different subject earlier this morning)


          At this point I have a copy of the text on top of the track matte with the opacity reduced so that I can see how to 1, draw the mask and 2, set the timing for mask opacity. Before getting to this point I animated a writeon paint effect and adjusted the timing of the in and out points of each stroke to make things look natural.


          When the timing is OK I will turn off the top copy of the text layer in the pre-comp and then nest the comp on the left in the main comp and use time remapping to polish the timing to perfection. This is much easier than messing with 40 layers to try to fix overlapping problems.


          To solve your problem without resorting to starting over using a better technique try pre-composing and time remapping.