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    getURL not working off CD

    BristowJoe Level 1
      I have this simple code on a button and all seemed to be working well until I cut the movie to CD. From the CD I click on the button and nothing happens. I am not sure what additional information to provide so please ask me for the whatever you may need to assist. Thanks in advance.

      on (release){
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          shyaway Level 1
          you're using relative path.
          do you have that folder/file as specified when transferring to CD?
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            BristowJoe Level 1
            The files are currently in the docs folder. I have also tried to place the files in the root, in the folder with the swf that is calling them and in several other places; nothing works, but does from the network. The file that has this code is called references.swf. If I run this file by itself from the CD it will work. The reference.swf is itself being called as a layer in another swf if that makes a difference. Thank for your time.
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              BristowJoe Level 1
              I did that when my main movie would not play from the CD. I added, in my case, the d: drive to the allowed area. My movie then played correctly. Only thing that does not work is this link to my document I note above. Can you think of anything else, or another place I need to unlock security. I have been into IE and set everyhting there as low as it will go, and I have turned off the Popup blocker.
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                Xithis Level 1
                Well I'm working on a Flash CD now and that is all I needed to do to get the thing to work. just double check that you have the filename/directory structure right.
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                  TiJayOldroyd Level 1
                  As was said before it looks like you are using a Relative target. You said you tried to put the file in the same folder as the swf. I think the solution is a bit more simple:

                  Try getURL("D:\docs\tm9-2815-257-24.swf","_blank")

                  I think if you point fully threw the Folder Tree starting with the D:\.

                  Another thing, if that code is a direct copy and paste from your actionscript, It looks like you are using the wrong slashes. you would use / for http protocol, and \ for local files. Try switching your slashes first, if that doesn't fix it, then try D:\ targetting.
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                    BristowJoe Level 1
                    I have tried all of the latest suggestions and none have worked. I then decided to replace the _blank with _top and _parent to see what happens. After writing to CD and testing, these resulted in the file openning, however it opens in the same window as would be expected. Now the question is why will they open in the same window but not in a new window. I have relooked at the IE security settings and am not sure I get things any less secure and the popup blocker is still off. Any additional suggestions would be great.
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                      Use JWeb


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                        EllisElkins Level 1
                        I haven't taken a look at JWeb, it probably will work, but I had a similar problem before, and I used this function:

                        function openURL (file, window) {
                        poslastslash = this._url.lastIndexOf("\\");
                        if (poslastslash == -1) {
                        poslastslash = this._url.lastIndexOf("/");

                        folderurl = this._url.substr(0, poslastslash+1);
                        poscolon = folderurl.indexOf("|");
                        if (poscolon != -1) {
                        folderurlstart = folderurl.substr(0, poscolon);
                        folderurlend = folderurl.substr(poscolon+1);
                        folderurl = folderurlstart+":"+folderurlend;
                        if (file.substr(0,2) == "./")
                        file = file.substr(2,file.length - 2);
                        targeturl = folderurl+file;
                        getURL(targeturl, window);
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                          jacielluve Level 1



                          Having the same problem here...


                          You can't use absolute path because you dont know drive letters, you can't infere CD is grabbing D: letter, or E:


                          Relative path is not working for me too, dunno why :/


                          i'm working in a CD too, but my animation is having clicks only, so i tried


                          on(release) {

                            getURL("./33903.htm", "_self");



                          my flash file  is in that folder, one level up, not working thought XD