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    HELP! InDesign Crashing during a project. Now won't open project at all


      So I have a deadline for Monday morning, and I've been working on a 50ish page magazine. I'm almost finished when ID crashes..


      I open it up a few times and it works fine until i notice one of the text boxes is blank (the font was Flamingo or Ellizabeth I'm not sure)

      Whenever I clicked on it ID crashed. SO I worked around it and just left it alone and put a new text box (exactly the same) over the top.


      I worked on it fine for about 8 hours today, saved it and exported to PDF so I could check my changes over and then suddenly it crashed and wouldn't let me open that particular document.


      I've tried disabling all of the user fonts and moving the content file so it can't link but it still crashes whenever I try to open this particular file or ID tries to recover it.


      Someone please help. I'm desperate to fix this as I don't have another 20+ hours to work on this project.



      I should also add that I've updated ID since crashing and it hasn't done anything, nor has physically deleting the fonts I thought were the problem completely off my computer. I've also tried opening it on another computer through network and it still does the same thing. I've also restarted my computer.