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    Flash Player 22 - Flash content does not display since player 22 install


      I work for an eLearning company. Today we have a considerable number of users who can no longer play our Flash courseware. These users are running the Flash Player version 22 released yesterday, June 16. We can replicate the problem in IE11, Edge, FireFox and Chrome. OS tested include Windows 7, 10, and Windows 10 running in a VMware install on a Mac.


      The courseware plays as expected with Flash Player version 21. With Flash Player version 22, content does not display. With Flash Player version 22, we can view other Flash content, for example, http://www.timeticker.com.


      Sample of Flash content that does not display running Flash Player version 22:


      http://ces.puresafety.com/CMS_Content/testFlashPlayer22/testFP22/engine/Version_1_5_1/Laun ch_StandAlone.html



      Any help towards a remedy for this would be most appreciated.