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    Swf play speed and web page speed are Different

      Any idea why the swf's visual speed is different when viewed as a swf or viewed from a browser page?

      Some factoids: I have Flash 8.0, Action script 2.0. I have published the swf (and related html) locally. 15 fps. The flash contains animation, and an event audio.

      When I author and adjust the timing of the audio and the animation in my flash file it is synchronized. Further, when I preview the animation it is synched. Also it is synched if I view the swf from the hard drive.

      However, if I invoke the swf's html file, either online or locally, the visual significantly lags the audio.

      It is not a matter of swf size as the swf is .4 meg. It is not a matter of computer resources as the computer I have is the latest model nicely equipped Dell.