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    LR6.6 Other issues in develop mode


      Grrr, I'm using LR6.6 on an iMac (Late 2013 model, 3.2GHz quad core, 16GB RAM, and NVIDIA GT755M GPU). Up until the latest update I've not had any problems at all with speed as such, and I did find that GPU acceleration was helping and working fine here.


      However, with the update to 6.6 I'm seeing a few other issues in the Develop module now. If I turn on GPU acceleration, I'm randomly getting a blank image, nothing opens up, no histogram, nothing. Clicking back to Library view is fine, and sometimes the image reappears again in Develop mode.


      If I turn off GPU acceleration, I no longer get the blank image, but I then get an inability to operate any adjustment sliders at all, they operate, but nothing happens to the image. I can hit Reset and start afresh (losing any previous edits or preset adjustments), and it works fine again.


      I have the Lightroom Library on my internal hard drive (standard 1TB drive with 500GB free), and the master images stored on an external FW800 drive.


      I have Smart Previews activated, and usually save a 1:1 preview as well (storage is not an issue, so I just keep these forever).


      As I say, until the last update to v6.6 none of these problems occurred. The problem occurs on any image format too, Raw of JPEG, and any camera - I have a variety of Raw formats in use.


      Any suggestions for anything to try out?