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    WebGL onmousemove to create a rollover




      I'm creating a WebGL canvas and am trying to use the onmousemove snippet to create a rollover for a movieclip button. 


      First I set the rollover state of the button to be invisible like so:




      Then I use the onmousemove function to turn make it visible when it is over the button like so:


      canvas.onmousemove = function(e) { 

          var boundingRect = this.Yes.getBounds(this);

          if(isMouseOverSymbol(e.offsetX, e.offsetY, boundingRect)) {    





      //Function to check whether the specified point lies within the rect.

      function isMouseOverSymbol(pointX, pointY, rect) {

          if(rect.left <= pointX && pointX <= rect.left + rect.width)

              if(rect.top <= pointY && pointY <= rect.top + rect.height)

                  return true;

          return false;



      That works, but then the rollover state stays visible and won't turn back off.  How do I make it turn back off?


      Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!