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    Unusual Audio Problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 11


      Everything has worked fine up until a few weeks ago. Then I encountered the follow issue:


      1)  Was unable to monitor audio during DV deck capture mode (using a Sony DV CAM edit deck connected via firewire)---it always worked before. After capture, and looking at the timeline, the audio is very clearly present. If I play the video on the timeline, and look at the audio meters, the audio signal is there and is strong, but am unable to hear anything at all.

      If I select the capture video file, it plays the video fine, but cannot hear any audio.


      Yes, I checked all my audio playback adjustments, for the computer, and for Premiere.

      Checked to make sure all my settings and preferences are as they should be.

      I can play back audio without any problem from other sources such as the internet, DVDs etc.---so the speakers are properly hooked up.

      I can even hear the audio if I use a different capture device, such as routing my VHS deck through a Sony analogue to firewire conversion box.


      So the problem is isolated to the Sony DVCAM edit deck importing into Premiere.  It imports the video fine, the audio has plenty of signal, but am unable to hear it during capture or playback. 


      I have a Quad Core PC machine with 16 gigs of RAMM.


      Anybody have any idea what is causing this problem?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You say you've check "all audio adjustments for the computer" but you haven't said for sure what all the settings included.


          This sounds like the Audio Hardware preference in Premiere Elements is not properly configured. Go to Preferences (under the Edit menu on a PC) and to the Audio Hardware page. Enter ASIO settings and ensure that your speakers or audio card are selected for your output.