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    Can not import photos


      I'm recently having the problem that I can not import any photos.


      Two months ago it started that I could not import directly from my SD-Card (Lightroom would just freeze). I worked around this issue by copying all the photos from the SD-Card onto my desktop, then importing them (with "don't import suspected duplicates unchecked").


      Now it does not work at all anymore. I'm trying to import (from SD or from the copies on my desktop) and the import status-bar (upper left) just disappears after ~10sec and the "import" option from menu-bar/File is greyed out (can not access anymore).


      Tried restarting Lightroom several times now, also resetting the preferences (option+shift on start-up) but nothing helps.


      System is up-to-date (Mac Os X 10.11.5), Lightroom too (2015.06)