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    Disappointed in Lightroom CC


      Oh my GOD!!  I had heard that Lightroom CC was a dog, so before leaving Lightroom 5 I got a kick-*** computer.  After subscribing to CC, I tried to process some 5D-R photographs.  Note that I said "tried".  It took three hours to render 1:1 previews for 500 photos.  Then anytime I make any change to a photo, the entire screen goes black, then Lightroom reloads panel by panel.  The picture takes at least 20 seconds to fully render again. I don't see how a profesional sports photographer could ever use this program.  Should I just convert everything to .dng's and get away from Lightroom?  I don't see where they have any incentive to fix this.  (Using an I7-6700k, m.2 drive, 32 gb ram, 980ti video card.)