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    Adobe FRAUD (that's not hyperbole)

    geophrian Level 1

      This is both a warning to Adobe users and a question for Adobe representatives. And, I'm not being hyperbolic when I say "fraud" which is defined: "wrongful deception intended to result in financial or personal gain".


      Back in January I contacted Customer support to cancel my Adobe Stock trial after only one hour of signing up due to the flawed licensing system they have (no usage agreement contract to provide third-parties which all my clients require). The customer support representative agreed to cancel my account which I have in writing. In April I noticed I was still being charged $32.65 each month since then for Stock. I contacted them again and the rep said she would cancel the account and refund me for the previous months. Again, I have this in writing. Last month I again noticed they were still charging me and went through the tedious process of contacting them both online, then over the phone. And, again, I was told they would cancel my account and refund me for the five months I had been billed. I've attached these conversations in a JPG below.


      Today, I found out they lied. Here are their exact words: "We will add 120 days of credit instead of refund to your account."


      Even though they promised me - in writing three times and one the phone once - they would cancel my account and refund me the full amount, now they are saying they will not refund me ($130.60  so far) they are instead going to give me 120 days of credit for a serve I cancelled and do not want. That is a textbook definition of fraud.


      I will continue to try and get my account cancelled and refunded for the costs, but wanted to let users here know before they sign up for Adobe Stock that they shouldn't. There are plenty of great stock sites that have proper licensing contracts that clients require. And, they won't try to rip you off like Adobe is doing.


      Finally, if anyone at Adobe wants to explain why your company is behaving this way and/or offer to resolve this without causing me any more hassles and wasted time/money I would greatly appreciate it.