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    Lightroom CC crashes seconds after start (Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1)


      Since this morning, everytime I try and open Lightroom CC it will crash saying "Lightroom has stopped working". I have already tried to log out/login via the Creative Cloud and I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom but it is still not working. I even managed in those few seconds before it freezes to deactivate the GPU support under "Edit/Preferences" and hit "Restart Lightroom" which it does, but it still keeps freezing.


      I even moved my Catalog to a different location and started Lightroom with a brand new (empty) one but that doesn't change anything either.


      I am running Lightroom CC on a Surface Pro 3 i7 (Windows 8.1). LightroomPhotoshop and Windows both run the most recent updates.

      No issues with Photoshop CC whatsoever!


      Any ideas?