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    Hunspell dictionary vs User dictionary


      I had a simple need to prevent some hyphenated phrases from further hyphenating, so I began to read about custom dictionaries, word lists, etc. I read about putting a tilde in front of a phrase to prevent its momentary hyphenation, which is helpful here and there, but my project is a professional book about psychology, and it has long repetitive medical phrases -- sometimes two and three words long -- strung together with hyphens. I don't want these to hyphenate further! I also don't want to search for every instance (there are a gazillion chapters, and they are all in separate file in an InDesign "book" file).  So instead, I thought I'd add these hyphenation exception words to the overall dictionary -- putting a tilde in front of them. I expected that they would then self-correct my document(s).


      When nothing changed, I tried creating a word list and a new custom dictionary, and installed/populated those.  When the words in the document still didn't change -- even after I erased and retyped in once instance, just as an experiment -- I looked even further. I began to find info about Hunspell dictionaries, user dictionaries, and so on. I noticed that Hunspell was my default dictionary for both hyphenation and spelling (Engish language). For kicks, I dropped down and chose "User Dictionary" for hyphenation. I left Hunspell for spelling. (I saw no choices for my custom dictionary name under either dropdown, so don't even know HOW to implement that.)


      In any case, when I chose User Dictionary, the hyphenation exceptions I had added in the first place (prior to creating the custom word list and custom dictionary) finally kicked in.  Great.  Only NOW I don't know if not using Hunspell will cause problems. I don't really know what Hunspell is good for.  If I SHOULD use it, then how do I get it to pay attention to my hyphenation exceptions?  It is not available as a target under the Edit>Spelling preference menu.  Is it okay to use User Dictionary instead of Hunspell?  Why would Hunspell be any more preferable than User Dictionary?  And again, if it IS, then how can I get Hunspell to pay attention to my spelling/hyphenation exceptions when I can't target it in the Spelling menu preferences?


      Thanks for any help!