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    PhoneGap - Document Handler - Accessing files from a server and Downloading

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      I'm an Alpha Anywhere developer and have a requirement to access stored files (mainly PDF) on my server.  I have successfully built a test App that can access a PDF file on a pubic server and load it on an iPad using the PhoneGap Document Handler .  I'm just not sure how I can access files on a secured server without opening up access to the public.  Ideally what I want to do is have a list of available files that the user has rights to view and then have a download to device button, once downloaded the button changes to view document.  Every time the App syncs to the server it checks the document date/time and compares with the document date/time that has been downloaded; if they differ then the App has a warning that the document is old and needs to be downloaded again.


      This may be more an Alpha question but I thought I would ask in this forum as it is using PhoneGap for some of the smarts.





      PS.  I cannot see  PhoneGap Community... ?