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    LR CC Missing Lens Profiles - And this is very poor or I've missed something

    NormanStanley (aka Craig)



      I subscribe to LR CC and am up to date with all updates; so am surprised to find the list of Canon lenses for profile correction is a bit short. For example I am using the 100-400 mk II and there's no profile for mk I or II. Searching here I find references to downloading an Adobe Lens Profile Downloader but for a subscribed service the information on the download page I thought very poor. Given is is subscribed why would you need a customer need to download a profile for a Canon not third party lens that's now in it's second generation.  There are also references that I found about community created profiles - that to me sounds really amateurish. So now it sounds like my subscribed and out of date service (since I can't find for mk I of the lens) is wanting me to down load that someone in the community has produced - not Adobe themselves who I am paying. Plus if a profile a user has created is good why isn't it then added to the updates. I just expect a lot better.


      The list of profiles is just 13 Canon lenses and I am sure there's at least one missing that I had previously.


      I may have missed something - please tell me if I have.


      Thank you.