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    How to work with amazing stock "fonts" that are actually paths (not usable fonts)?


      There are a number of beautiful stock "fonts" on Adobe Stock such as the ones below:

      240_F_105636421_v9Vo7n5F3LCYOGbt8OjBoxpxSS9yxhLi.jpg     500_F_107949714_m91jmIuTHEI1sjFK97fwutiq71mnkySM.jpg

         Sources: Adobe Stock #105636421, Adobe Stock #107949714


      But these "fonts" (available as .ai files) are just a collection of letters, each of which is a path in Adobe Illustrator -- not an actual font that can be used to create freeform text.


      My question is: How are these "fonts" intended to be used? Are designers really supposed to typeset them by hand, letter by letter? I'm new to Illustrator and am hoping there's a better way to do this. If not, any links to tutorials on manual typesetting would be much appreciated.