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    Installing updates (13.1)


      To be sure, I am a novice at Premier Elements, but have had version 13 for over a year.  When I first received update 13.1, it would fail when I tried to install it.  After dozens of attempts, I just gave up.  After failing, I just started xing out the download, and would go ahead with editing whatever.


      Just recently I tried the update again, and it says it is successful, but says update 13.1 is available after each time I try to install it.  Maybe I don't need this update, but maybe I do.  Is this the only update ever offered for version 13?  Will other updates come if I have never successfully installed 13.1?  Does Adobe still update version 13 since version 14 is now available?  What does 13.1 change over 13?


      Can anyone shed some light on this matter?