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    LRCat with folded page, no LR Icon


      I recently installed LR CC on a new computer and transferred my LR 5.7 catalog to the new computer. My file hierarchy (PC) is Computer>OS(C:)>Users>Susan>My Pictures>Lightroom.  Inside the "Lightroom" folder I have 2 yellow folders called Lightroom 5 Master Catalog-2 Previews.lrdata and Lightroom Settings.  There is also a white page with the top right corner folded over called Lightroom 5 Master Catalog-2.  If I click on this last one, LR will launch and is up and running. 

      I don't understand why there is no LR icon anymore and it makes me nervous to not have things look like they usually do. 

      Can anyone explain this?


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          Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

          It should not make any difference to anything as long as the extension is still .lrcat as it should be. I have not had this happen on my Mac but a Windows machine did this on a regular basis with not problems!


          I was told that reinstalling the program sometimes corrects this, but as I said, it shouldn't make any difference.


          Good luck.

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