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    Audio will not export with the video


      I have added my composition to Media Encoder.

      I have chosen the h.264 for Vimeo 1080p HD Option

      I have ticked the export audio option and tried both acc and MPEG options for audio.


      No Matter what i try I cannot seem to get the audio to export. When I play the video there is no audio playing at all. I have imported the video into premier pro and it shows there is an audio field but no waves in it?


      The sound works fine when previwing in after affects itself.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try rendering out of AE into an intermediate format (this will be a fairly large file) - something like QuickTime with the Photo-JPEG codec. See if the resulting MOV file has audio (it is likely to not play back smoothly, this is normal). If it does have audio, drop it into AME and see if the resulting H.264 has audio.