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    Initialising installer


      Hi, Purchased and downloaded LR6 upgrade. Downloaded ok, initialising installer starts then grinds to a halt and just sits there. Probably because I went stand alone and not CC. Any help please and not clever tech answers please, I'll never understand them

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi andywhitehouse,


          Please follow the below mentioned steps:


          1. Win: Navigate to C/Program Files(X86)/Common Files/Adobe/OOBE and rename it.

                      Navigate to C/Program Files(X86)Adobe/Adobe Creative Cloud and rename it.


          2. Mac: Navigate to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE and rename it.

                      Navigate to Applications/Utilities and trash Adobe Application Manager and Creative cloud folder.


          Try installing again and let us know whether it worked.




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            andywhitehouse39 Level 1



            Thanks for contacting me.


            i use MAC,


            I can’t find Appl support/ adobe/OOBE so I can’t rename it and if i could find it what do i rename it to?


            I cant find Adobe app folder so can’t trash that but I have trashed ll CC folders


            It still does not initialise


            I have installed LR6 on my macbook but i need it on my IMac





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              andywhitehouse39 Level 1



              is there anything else i can do?


              when i purchased CC last year it would not install, it took adobe 60 mins plus to install and it never really worked so i cancelled it, now i have the same problem, LR 5 worked with no issues but i nee 6 bro read my NEF files from Nikon D500