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    opening in an iframe

      i know the script below will work, but how can i tell it to open within the same document?

      on (release) {
      getURL("vid_develop_text.html", "frame3");

      this wont work

      on (release) {
      getURL("vid_develop_text.html", "frame3", _self );
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          > on (release) {
          > getURL("vid_develop_text.html", "frame3");
          > }

          This opens the specified HTML page in a frame named frame3. If you want
          to open this HTML in the same document as the SWF, leave the second
          parameter out, or ...

          > on (release) {
          > getURL("vid_develop_text.html", "frame3", _self );
          > }

          ... make that getURL("vid_develop_text.html", "_self"); (note the quotation
          marks). That second parameter needs to be a string, as mentioned in the
          getURL() reference entry.

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