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    Click a button and have that click set drop down option?

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      I have multiple drop downs with times to select "startHour" and the other drop down is to select "endHour". What I would like to do is, have a button (or several, one for each day of the week) and when the button is clicked it would set the start hour at, for example, 8 am and then also sets the end hour to 4 pm. I'm trying to create a short cut to selecting these hourly times when it gets determined start time and end time will be an 8 hour day, but then also allows for manually selecting too. It takes too long to scroll thru the hours in each hour drop down.


      Is this possible with javascript? Does anyone have a script I could borrow? I hope it's not complicated. Let me know, thanks again.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, but not as you describe the process.


          One can use custom JavaScript code to access the value of a check box and use JavaScript to set the value of drop down box value and that value will adjust to the entry in the drop down box that has that value.


          Before you try to get this fancy, make sure you have a fully working form with all the time calculations and totaling scripts.