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    Typekit font and Indesign

    Christo14 Level 2

      I have in InDesign subscription that states I have a free Typekit subscription.


      I want to Install some fonts for use in InDesign however when I try to do so, I can only Install Typekit web fonts for a domain.


      I want to use the fonts for a print job I am working on.





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          Ellis home Level 4

          You'll probably get a better answer on Typekit . But check this thread regarding this issue:


          8. Re: Typekit - Desktop vs. Web Fonts

          Liz, Typekit SupportAdobe Employee

          Hi Ian,


          > Any update on why some weights are available for desktop and not others.


          It is a question of licensing. Typekit doesn't own all of the fonts in our font library. They are owned by our foundry partners, who work with Typekit to make their fonts available to our subscribers. Some of these foundries have chosen to only offer their fonts for web use, while others are licensed for web and sync.


          As Christopher mentioned earlier in this thread, we are always working to make more fonts from our foundry partners available in Typekit. If you want to use a font on your desktop computer and it isn't available for sync from Typekit, you can almost always buy a desktop license for it from the foundry.  Look for the foundry name at the top of the font detail page and click through to their website.