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    Adobe lens profile downloader Issue


      After installing Adobe Air and downloading the Lens Profile Downloader-I select my Camera(Canon) and select my Lens then submit but get message that "Failed to connect to Details"? Does anyone have any idea of what could be causing this??

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          ccastleb Adobe Employee

          Hi John,


          Have you tried restarting the ALPD and trying again?


          Are you on Windows or Mac?




          - Chris

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            johnmacpo Level 1

            Thanks Chris for the support! I'm using a Mac Pro 2010 5,1. I have been trying a number of times to download profiles and it has been hit & miss. After entering all requested details and with a lens profile showing up I still get many instances of "Failed to Load Details"? Yet I have had been successful a few times after clicking the Profile the details will load and I am able to download and install the profile!


            It's just been glitchy with no reason as to why some work and some don't! All in all I can deal with it as I have been able to get two of the profiles I wanted after numerous tries.


            Again, thanks for the help!