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    AE CC 2015/Cineware 3.0 FFD Bug - AEGP Plugin CINEWARE SceneLayer: Cineware - Document could not be read

    Yihong Zhang

      OS: Windows 10

      Ae: CC 2015.2 Release v

      C4d: R 17.048


      I have 2 computer with same OS same C4D bud DIFFERENT Ae CC 2015 (older and newest release).


      As shown in the release note, the major difference beteween the 2 version is CINEWARE 3.0.


      I have a C4D project working well in the older Ae (2015.1), but when I import the c4d file into the newer Ae shows:


      Image 3.png


      Then I try to create a new C4D file directly in the newer Ae and edit it with C4D R17, it works perfectly.


      Since my own C4D project is a simple one, I deleted it part by part and try to figure out what had happend.


      Finally, I found as soon as I deleted a FFD deformer in my C4D file (or a new C4D file just have one cube in it), the new Ae can read it. I used several deformers, such as Taper or Bend, in my project but ONLY FFD break the workflow.


      Image 4.png