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    Embedded index search not available in Acrobat Reader for Android.



        I have acrobat document (about 6600 pages) that have embedded index. Search was fast (within seconds) for Acrobat reader in windows as I can configure it to search with embedded index. The same document when transferred to my Android phone (Samsung 7 plus, Model : GT 6800, Andriod Version 4.1.2) with Acrobat Reader (Version 15.2.2). The search was very slow (same search take minutes).  There is no option in the settings to configure the Acrobat reader to use embedded index for search. Why???


         I have search the internet. It seemed like embedded index search feature is not available for Acrobat Reader in both android and iphone/ipad.


         Is this true?


         Thanks in advance for the help rendered.