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    App where you can play video - not working


      My goal is to create an app for ios and android with videos in it. I have managed to create an app that works on my pc but when I make an ipa-file and try to access the video on the ipad the video doesn't show. From various questions here I gather the format could be the problem. But I can not find the proper documentation for my scenario.


      I would like to have the videos in a folder, i. e. not imported into Animate and not on a server. And I want to use actions script to access the videos.


      I have a folder with mp4-files (as far as I know they are H.264). The folder is "attached" to the project in the AIR-settings under "Included files". Some of this is working since it works on my pc.


      In action script I am using videoNetStream/videoNetConnection to access the videos. And since it is working on the pc I guess there is not a problem with the code?


      I'd be greatful for any help, preferably some documentation so I can check what I have done right or not. But anything that helps me troubleshooting. To begin with I would just like the ios-version to work. Thanks!