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    Using Bridge for the InDesign Place Gun

    Janet L Stoppee Level 1

      How do you get a bunch of images into a big Adobe InDesign (Id) project? We love to use Adobe Bridge (Br) for that. In Br chose the first image you would like to place in Id by using Br's Content panel. From the same folder, choose the rest of the images you need while holding down the command key (Mac) and clicking on the images. They start to fill up Br's Preview panel so you see all that you'll be dropping into Id. (It's even easier if the Br Content is displaying the images you need in consecutive order. In that case, click on the top-most image, hold down the shift key, and click on the last image you need.) Then, with Br and Id visible on your desktop, drag your images from the Br Content panel to your Id art board. You now have a loaded Id "Place Gun." Just start clicking on where the images get dropped into your Id layout and go back and resize them later. The whole process is much smoother if you have two displays. We like to put Bridge on a MacBook Pro and InDesign on a Wacom Cintiq, but when we're traveling (which seems like it's all the time), we just need to size our workspaces on our MacBook Pros.