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    What's wrong with Lightroom 5

    milo dixon


      I'm running Lightroom 5 on a Mac Pro (2 x 2.4 Ghz Quad core Intel zeon) with 24GB of memory (24 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC) Graphics (ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB) on OS x 10.8.5

      There are several things I need to ask but the first is that it always 'get's stuck' when I launch it for the first time. I have to force quit it and relaunch it. It reads the images much more slowly than I would like.


      Is it my Mac that's too slow or is there a bug?


      If I upgrade to lightroom 6 will it help?

      Also if I do upgrade to Lightroom 6 would I be able to install it as just Lightroom 6 (and not have to go up from where ever I started - i.e. Lightroom 3 for example?)

      Sorry I'm not phrasing this very well...


      I'm considering getting a new MAC so wouldn't want to clog it up with lots of stages of upgrades...


      Also if I do get a new Mac what specifications would you recommend (I'm a professional photographer shooting on RAW.


      Thank you



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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Don't expect a speed-up from version 6.

          You can install LR 6 directly and upgrade the current catalog - there's no need to install any of the older versions. You'll only need the serial # from the older version when installing an upgrade.


          For the specs: LR mainly gains from a fast CPU. A SSD adds some speed too. I'd say 16 GB of RAM is fine. If you use a 4k display, a decent dedicated graphic would help as well. If you use a lower resolution display, there is not much gain from the GPU acceleration.

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            trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            milo dixon wrote:


            it always 'get's stuck' when I launch it for the first time. I have to force quit it and relaunch it.

            Clearly there's something wrong with your system. LR should launch without any issues regardless of the system speed and performance capability. You can buy a new system and it may or may not "fix" the issue depending on what's actually causing LR to hang on launch and operate slowly.



            1)Are you using LR 5.7.1, which is the last and latest update for LR 5?

            2)Have you tried closing all applications, shutdown the system, and reboot the system?

            3)How much free space do you have on the system hard drive and picture storage drives, if any?

            4)How many image files in the LR catalog?

            5)What camera model(s) image files?

            6)What resolution is your monitor and are you using single or dual monitors?

            7)How long have you been using LR and when did the slow-down start to happen?

            8)Are you seeing this issue in the Library module or also in the Develop module? Please state specifically what operations are slow.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              I agree with trshaner that there is something wrong with your Mac. It could be a hard drive or RAM problem.