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    How to change location of images in a catalog.

    jLorenzo Level 1

      I have LR6.5 running on a Windows 10 OS

      Internal drives are 10TB (RAID 5)

      external is 20TB (RAID5)

      I've done a backup from the internal data to the external drives

      What i want to do is remove the links in the catalog that is pointing to the internal images.

      I would like the links to point to the external drive images.


      Drive D:

      Year 2009

      1.49 TB

      145,377 files


      Also resides on Z: drive in the ReadyNAS unit

      I want LR to point to the ones on the ReadyNAS so I can remove the ones on the local drives.

      What is the best way to accomplish this?


      BTW - moving them within LR would have taken a long time.

      I run a separate backup software that backup the data on the local to the external.


      Hope this isn't too confusing.



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          dj_paige Level 10

          In the Lightroom folder panel, right-click on the top level folder and select Update Folder Location and point to the equivalent folder on the external or NAS drive. More details in this document (scroll down to the section entitled Part 2 — Updating Folder Location)


          Note: you use the word backup, but once you start using the NAS drives and delete the photos from the internal and external drives, you no longer have a backup, do you?