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    macromedia flash


      I had macromedia flash and somehow lost it. now I cant log into my online bank of america account site key because i dont have macro flash. when i try downloading flash it says "When you see the installation completion movie above" then the download was succesfull; but the installation movie never shows up. its like im missing something but i dont know what to do. any help would be greatly appreciated! Bill
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          C-Rock Level 2
          close all your broswers, reboot and only open up one window to install it after restart
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            ha..I have that issue myself.
            I uninstalled flash and shockwave..and now I can't install them again.
            you think the download site is broke or something?
            I get the same thing No Download window and no download=no movie.
            I tried all kinds of stuff even reseting IE back to the defaltI settings!!!
            I've been trying to download it to use with the soundclick player,
            I tried10+ times with no luck and that was enough to make me upset.. I give up for now!!.
            Text Is the DownLoad link Broke?
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              Grapixz Level 1
              you would think more people would host Flash for Download,but most of the sites lead back to the download here.
              And thats a bummer!!
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                since millions of users have downloaded and installed the flash player from the same location,
                perhaps it's your specific OS?/ Browser security settings? Browser add-on that blocks flash?
                Conflict with something on your local machine? It isn't due to where you download it from - perhaps
                you are not a power user on your system? could be a myraid problems.

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                Grapixz wrote:
                > you would think more people would host Flash for Download,but most of the sites lead back to the download here.
                > And thats a bummer!!
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                  Joellyn_H. Level 1
                  I too was having a lot of problems with not viewing websites that I used to be able to view. I found myself here after contacting support. Funny thing is as I was about to close my message center (e-mail) the small bar popped up and said : this site might require flash player 8 to view install activex. So I did and now I can view the sites that keep me out and totally confused. I'm thinking maybe my ISP provider's site required it as I was on their e-mail site when this happened. I also checked my add/remove programs and it was installed,as it wasn't before.