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    Overclocking CPU bug


      Hello, i recently started using premiere on my desktop PC and i tried overclocking my CPU in order to get better rendering speeds (and get my ram to achieve it's rated speed, as it was bottlenecked by my CPU). My setup is : i7 930 (@2,8Ghz -> overclocked stable with reasonable temperatures @3,5Ghz, tested with Prime95), 16Go Ram rated 1600 (but running 1066 because my CPU without being overclocked would lock it at this speed), ATI Radeon HD5870 (not overclocked).

      Everything was working good, BUT in premiere when playing a video (even a low quality video in a blank project, or even just audio) the playing cursor would go back several frames each second, so playing was jerky. Once i went back to original overclocking (wich is none) the problem was solved, but i would prefer to fix this problem and being able to overclock...
      Thank you.