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    Adding in a layer mask to reveal your own title behind moving curtains.


      Help me please!!!


      I need to make a cartoon intro title sequence.


      I have an MP4 opening sequence of 4 seconds from a Cartoon where curtains slowly open to reveal the title behind it.
      I need to replace the title with my own but cannot find a tutorial to do this other than through masks...


      I have done this but the quality is poor as all I want to do is replace and introduce my own title, not recreate the curtains opening and closing through masking and position.


      Help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Procedure for cutting a hole in an existing video is called rotoscope. You may be able to use the semi automatic tool Rotobrush but odds are you will have to do it by hand.  I would start for the curtains are the most complex and draw a couple of masks or one mask with subtract mode selected. When you get the mask drawn as accurately as possible with as few points as possible press Alt/Option + m to set your first mask keyframe. Now moved to the spot where the curtains are completely open and adjust each vertex so you now have a perfect mask. Check the progress of the mask halfway between the first keyframe and the second keyfame. Then repeat the process on the other sidewhere the curtains just start to open. Then keep splitting the difference until your mask perfectly follows the movement of the curtains.


          For more detailed instructions and examples  type "rotoscope" in the search help field at the top right corner of the app and check out the community resources. You will get much better results than you would just searching Google.