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    Multiple/Additional Dynamic Stamps?


      I’ve tried to add a variation on a theme to my existing dynamic stamp which was working perfectly and requests the user to enter text for each form field that needs to be  populated and then adds today's date successfully.


      Now when I use the original stamp it asks me all the questions and those for the additional stamp.


      When I use the stamp on page 3, it only places the stamp with no queries.


      I think this is to do with the event.source.stampName definition in the javascript, I guess the second stamp has a different name but I don’t know how to find the new name if it has one?



      var cAsk = "Enter Supplier";
      var cTitle = "Supplier (PMI)";

      if(event.source.forReal &&
         (event.source.stampName == "#puSbQNir5_MOMXPXKxkHrC"))
         var cMsg = app.response(cAsk, cTitle);
         event.value = cMsg;
         event.source.source.info.DocumentState = cMsg;





      Ps) I copied the form fields from stamp one into stamp two and renamed them, could this be the issue, do I need to start from scratch?


      Pps) Adobe automatically combined both stamps into one pdf stamp file which was not my desired result.


      Thanks in advance  Alex.