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    Lightroom & el Capitan problems - also can't install updates


      I have a MacBook Pro which I recently upgraded to OS  10.11.5 - boy was that a mistake!


      Since upgrading I have not been able to import photos into Lightroom - I have v. 6.0 stand alone. (And am not interested in the cloud version).


      I have had no success downloading/installing updates - although from something I read, it sound like going above 6.1 is a mistake at the current time anyway, as the import function has been "dumbed down" considerably? I just want to be able to import photos!!!


      Can someone help? Pretty please??  (I contacted tech support - no go - and was directed to forums instead - that's their idea of "support"?)





      PS - Is this the right/best place to post this? I have to confess that this site confuses me - new to help forums.