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    IF Command & Multiple Calculation in single Text box in PDF using Acrobat XI Pro


      Good Morning Everyone,


      I am trying to obtain a formula for the following configuration, i have searched the forums but cannot find it.  If someone can help me out or point me to a thread with the answer would be greatly appreacated.


      Have Box TP1 (Total Price 1) look in Box Q1 (Quanity 1) for any value.


      If any value greater than 1 appears in box Q1, then i need to it multiple Q1 divided by 1000 and multiply it by box  UP1 (Unit Price 1) have it show in Box TP1 (Total Price 1)


      If no value in Q1 return blank


      *NOTE = Light Blue text are Field Names*

      **NOTE 2 = Red Text are the calculations**



      Q1 = 180000

      UP1 = 15.42

      The total in TP1 should be 2775.60 (which is 180000/1000*15.42)


      Thank you