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    Camera Raw reading Canon 1Dx mk2 files


      Hi, According to the customer care Q&A Camera Raw supports the Canon 1Dx mk2, but when opening files in camera raw the file data is wrong. For example it comes with the wrong white balance data. Anybody else having the same problem? Any solution? I am using Photoshop CC and the software is update as of today (20June), on my Mac. Thanks for your help.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          What do you mean by the wrong white balance data. White balance is a post processing process.  You should be able to set any setting and may be able to have ACR default to how you have your white balance set in camera as shot.  Are you stating that ACR is not able to use what you set in camera? The that metadata is missing? Or the setting you see is wrong when you set as shot?   What does bridge show in you RAW file camera EXIF metadata data for White Balance? I normally just set my cameras to Auto White Balance for I can set anything I want in ACR.

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            mvw2608 Level 1

            Hi, I manually set my white balance in camera at 5000K. However, when reading the images in camera raw they have a different white balance value and are shown 'as shot' at various values. In addition the picture style that i set in camera as neutral is different too. When i view images in Canon's software it does show the correct white balance and picture style.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Canon Picture Styles are for Canon rendering not Adobe rendering so have no bearing on what Adobe software does, only what Canon software and the camera JPG rendering produce.


              In Adobe software, the exact White-Balance Temperature and Tint numbers depend on the Adobe Camera Profile selected in the Camera Calibration tab so setting 5000K in camera and seeing 4500K or 5500K in Adobe software doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong.


              The Adobe Camera Profiles starting with the word Camera are supposed to simulate (to some approximate degree) some of the camera picture styles.


              Setting the Camera Profile to Adobe Standard is more for consistency across various cameras using Adobe software and wouldn't be intended to match any camera-manufacturer colors. 


              The only puzzling thing you've said is I would expect As Shot to be the same across images consistently shot with the same picture style and custom-set/measured white-balance setting in camera.


              Now, measuring or setting the WB to a specific number and actually setting the camera use the Custom or Manual WB as its As Shot setting are two different things.


              Something could be wrong, though.  Can you supply two images with the WB set to Manual or Custom WB, and the same Custom WB used for each?  In other words, two images you expect to be showing the same Temp/Tint as each other but are showing two different sets of values even though they were shot with the same custom manual-WB setting.  Upload them to www.dropbox.com (or similar) and post a public share link to the folder, here.

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                MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                Do the colors in the image appear wrong?  Or, are just the numbers reported for the Temperature/Tint sliders wrong?


                We had a bug in a previous version of Camera Raw where using the Camera Matching color profiles (e.g., Camera Standard, Camera Portrait, etc.) would display the correct colors for As Shot, but had the wrong Temperature and Tint numbers reported.  This bug should now be fixed in Camera Raw 9.6.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                  This person is saying the colors are wrong compared to an image they imported in the version of LR with the wrong numbers displayed:

                  Problems with colors in LR 2015.6


                  Did the fix for the numbers actually change the color rendering so all previous images that used a Camera-match profile need redone although if a properly-WBed image shifts green I'm not sure what could be done to the image to make it look right, again.

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                    mvw2608 Level 1

                    Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions all. I am indeed using the 9.6 version. The colours look reasonably close at least. I am just very surprised the white balance value is variable, and not consistent with what i have set in camera. With previous Canon camera bodies the values always were exactly shown in Camera Raw as set in camera. The same for the picture style. The picture style would be imported into Camera Raw as set in camera and not by default use Adobe Standard.


                    The other odd thing that happens is when I download images straight from the camera via Bridge RAW files will show twice and duplicates will be downloaded if i keep all files checked. When I take the card out of the camera and download with the card reader i have duplicates. To avoid confusion, I am not recording duplicate RAW files on the two different cards. This I confirmed when taken each of the cards individually into a card reader and check its content.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      If the WB numbers are only changing when the picture uses a different picture style then that is probably something the camera is doing actually changing the "neutral color" color numbers recorded in the raw to make things remain neutral with a different picture style.  This would be something the camera is doing not Adobe.


                      If you are going to be shooting raw and using Canon software then avoid changing things on the camera that only affect camera JPGs--i.e. picture styles, which, incidentally, I've never known to affect what Camera Profile is used in the Camera Calibration section of Adobe products, at least not in the Canon and Nikon DSLRs.


                      Not sure about what is happening when you download with Bridge.  Are you shooting using dual cards and the same raw image one each card, as a backup, so there are two copies of each image available for download if you hook your camera up via USB?  That would seem reasonable since there are actually two copies of each image.  What doesn't seem normal is if you have a single copy of each image on a card and offload from that card and are still seeing two copies of each image.