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    Rendered to various codec and colour values out

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      I have an animation which I rendered to Quicktime as both Animation and ProRes 4444. It has opacity ramping and motion blur on an orange arrow shape, and while the 100% Opacity colour is a good, as it's ramping up from 0% and on the edges that are motion blurred, instead of orange it starts out more of a yellow.


      I haven't tried turning Colour Management "on" (“on” or “off” the applications are making determinations about color spaces and value conversions) and setting to sRGB… or Adobe (1998) etc, I'm not sure that is the issue and don't want to start spending ages playing in the wrong settings sandpit. Any ideas?


      Link to final render (9 MB)

      Link to a looping render (54 MB)


      The background off-white color is just the frosted glass effect in QuickView on macOS, as it's rendered with alpha (straight).




      Ah, premultiplied it looks normal of course… will leave topic up in case someone has this issue some day.


      Screenshot 2016-06-21 04.10.23.png