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    iPhoto / Operating System / Lightroom - Incompatibility Issue



      I am new to both these forums and LR and am presently stuck in operating system/software hell and desperately seeking advice.


      I just purchased LR6 as a stand alone (nothing about Creative Cloud was noted on the packaging) but when I attempted installation - Creative Cloud installed (not sure why) and I got an error message that LR6 cannot be installed because my operating system needs updated. I contacted Adobe Sales and was told that according to her 'journal page' that it is compatible with my operating system. My Mac laptop is running OS X 10.8.5 and my iPhoto is 8.1.2.


      My conundrum is that I have missed an interim update to iPhoto so that when I update to El Capitan iPhoto will no longer work and it seems I cannot install LR6 until I upgrade to El Capitan. There just has to be a solution to this problem!


      I have 30,000+ photos organized into 258 Events, Faces assigned to significant people, Places assigned (after Maps/Places stopped working I entered the place name into the Description field below the Places field on the ‘back’ of the photo), file names changed into captions identifying the photo (on the best photos), editing using iPhoto tools (again on the best photos), and in some instances additional info added to the Description field on the ‘back’ of the photo. Lots and lots of work!


      Several questions:

      1-Should I export each Event to separate files on my hard drive as a first step (then back up my system) and then upgrade to El Capitan?


      2-Will I be able to use the same redemption code to download LR6 again or will it install automatically after I upgrade?

      3-Once I have LR6 activated will it be able to access my iPhoto Library (Master Files) directly bypassing iPhoto to import/add my photos to the LR Catalog?

      Or will I have to import/add from the files created by exporting Events? (I would prefer to import/add from the iPhoto Library because if I understand correctly LR will import/add both the original and the edited version of the photos along with metadata - right?)

      4-Is there any way to get LR5? It appears to be compatible with my OS. Once I've created my LR Catalog in LR5 then could I update to LR6?



      I would appreciate any help and suggestions.  Many thanks!