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    Why does a mask path move to comp center when pick-whipped it to another shape path?


      Here's the situation: so I have a Shape Outline ("Blur Mask Shape Outlines), which is just a basic rectangle hanging out a bit up from center in my comp, which I want to use to define a blur mask's shape and position. Accordingly, I have an Adjustment Layer ("Under Bar Blur") with a Mask on it used to blur whatever is under this layer. I pick-whipped (inherited the values from) the Blur Mask Shape Outlines, and then my mask becomes the exact same shape as my Blur Mask Shape Outlines, but at this point the mask moves to the center of my comp, which is not visually where the Blur Mask Shape Outlines is at all. Both the Adjustment Layer (which holds the Mask), and the Shape Outlines (which defines the Mask's shape), have the same Anchor Point and Position Values, so what might cause this movement?


      In the screenshot, you can see I've manually moved the Adjustment Layer Position Y-Value so the mask is where I want it to be: the apparent position of the Shape Outlines. All the other layers have been shied out. But there's got to be a precise way to have the mask be in the same place as the shape file that defines the mask's shape -- right?

      Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 6.17.09 PM.png


      Thanks forum.