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    Interactive PDF forms


      1. I have created an interactive form. Have created a submit button so i can email the form back once completed but this pops up "invalid file specification object' - how to create this and/or fix this?


      2. Is there anyway I can save more than one signature on the tablet? so it saves time to drop the specified signature rather than sign and resize every time?


      3. Is there a cc field i can include when emailing the form back?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          1. That means there's something wrong with the file. How did you create it, exactly? Do you still have the source file you used?

          2. Not sure what you mean. What "tablet"? What app?

          3. Sure. If you use a "mailto" command then you can do it like this:


          Google "mailto syntax" for the complete set of options available.

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            nicoler71119390 Level 1

            Thank you!

            1. What are the actions when creating this button? I have Mouse up - submit form - PDF the complete document. It's not saving / including this document in the email body - this is when the popup occurs when i click on this button


            2. On the iPad, in Acrobat reader when filling out forms - client wants to save more than one signature so they can just select and drop it on once rather than signing, resizing, saving each time


            3. Thank you!

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              nicoler71119390 Level 1


              2. With the signature - client is using pen or their fingers on the iPad. So there is no pngs or file saved for signatures. Could they save their 'drawing' and do more than one signature and save?