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    What happened to my fonts?

    GraphicsGeezer Level 1

      Creative Cloud has been asking for my credentilas every couple of days. Now I find that, as I'm working in InDesign, one of my favorite fonts is missing. So I looked under Assets in Creative Cloud and found the font was indeed "Synced" but still no font available in the font menu in In Design.


      Would be grateful for any help

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This sounds like some sort of subscription glitch. Have you tried signing out from the gear icon on the Creative Cloud Application, then restarting it and signing in again?

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            GraphicsGeezer Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. Creative Cloud saves me the trouble of logging out by quitting frequently and requiring that I sign in. I signed in again just a moment ago, and after the regulation CC crash, signed in again. This time I got the font.


            There isn't any problem associated with this Mac as far as I can tell. I've shared my computer with dozens of reps from Adobe and Apple and they say everything is working as it should.


            Wondering if others have similar CC pains. I'd go back to CS4 but it's no better.