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    XREF in WebHelp TOC Output

      I am using the Technical Communication Suite and I imported FrameMaker books in to RoboHelp HTML. After I autocreated the TOC, and then generated the primary layout, there are many cross reference items appearing as topics in the Contents pane, for example, XREF_74892_Announcements. Does anyone know why this happens? And, how do I avoid this issue?

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          Mayank Agrawal Level 2
          The item "XREF_74892_Announcements' that you are viewing is basically a bookmark created during FrameMaker book import.
          While autocreating TOC, RH gives an option "Create TOC pages for mid-topic links(bookmarks)" in the Autcreate TOC dialog. If you do not want any bookmark to appear in the TOC and hence in the contents pane, this particular option should be turned off. This will prevent all bookmarks including the XREF_ one from appearing in the TOC.