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    Blurry dvd


      When i burn my project to dvd using elements 11 the picture looks blurry and soft, the project I'm burning is 30mins long, i shot it in 1080

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Make sure you're comparing apples-to-apples.


          Remember that DVDs are less than 1/4 the resolution of a 1080 video -- so there's no way it's going to look as crisp and detailed as the original footage.


          But that said, how are you comparing the two?


          If you're watching them both on a computer, make sure you're using a good media player like VLC Media Player and not a poor player like Windows Media Player.k


          And don't watch the DVD at full-screen -- since full screen on your computer monitor is likely at least 1920x1080, which means that your 720x480 DVD is going to be blown out way beyond its actual resolution.


          Play both the original and the DVD in a window sized to about 1/4 of your monitor. They should be virtually identical in quality. (Although DVDs are interlaced and your original video is not -- something that won't matter when you play your DVD on your TV, but may make your DVD look not quite as sharp on your computer.)

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            grahams2500584 Level 1

            I'm burning the dvd and then playing the dvd back on a dvd player viewing it on a TV, the footage is very flat and not crash looking, i know viewing it on the computer is a to different but it really shouldn't look so blurry, thanks for getting back to me. 

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              If you're concerned, you can post to this forum a screen capture of the DVD footage from your computer as well as a screen capture of the same shot from your original footage -- both sized to 640x480 pixels. That way we can see a comparison of the two videos at the same resolution. We should be able to see if the quality of the image is deteriorating.