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    JSTL on JRun4

    SkalleBank Level 1
      Anyone knows how to be able to use JSTL 1.1 on Jrun4? I have used Apache Tomcat in development, and when I deployed the war-file on the test-server, i get the following error: "The page cannot be displayed". Any suggestions on what to do to make it work? I have directory browsing on, so I do know the file to be there... I have attached my index.jsp file for reference...

      This has to work before the May 1st (deadline)...

      Thanks in advance
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          stefanotravelli Level 1
          As far as I know, JSTL 1.1 requires a Servlet 2.4 container while JRun4 is 2.3.

          I'm using Apache JSTL 1.0, which requires Servlet 2.3, with no problem.

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            SkalleBank Level 1
            Thank you for your reply.

            So I have to rewrite my code to 1.0 spec? No way to get JRun4 to run 1.1 spec? Is there many changes between them? I will have to use half an hour and go through the spec. to check out the differences. Yesterday I started rewriting my code to servlet, just to have something to show my customer on monday... Will have to use most of my weekend to finish the rewriting, so if there is just small changes between 1.0 and 1.1, that might be the way to go..

            Terje K.
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              SkalleBank Level 1
              Hi again, tried to just remove the "jsp/" in the taglib-tags, copy the tld's into lib and remove the functions taglib. On every c:if and c ut i get the following error: According to TLD or attribute directive in tag file, attribute value does not accept any expressions

              What is wrong, and how do i fix it? Do I have old tld-versions, or... what?

              Thanks in advance.

              Terje K.