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    which fonts am I allowed to use?


      hey everybody!


      I´m currently working on a projekt for a customer of mine: An educational comic book which is going to be used in some schools in my country (print product).

      I´m using the fonts "Tekton Pro Bold Oblique" and "Tekton Pro Bold Condensed". I think they came with InDesign when I downloaded it.


      Since this ist my first project of this sort I want to doublecheck: do I have all the rights to use these fonts? Are they coming with my CC subscription?

      Also, I´ve got the CC student and teacher edition. Is this changing sth.? According to Adobes FAQ´s I´m entitled to use it commercially - so hopefully not!


      Thank you so much for your answers! As mentioned before, this is the first project of this sort - so I´m kind of nervous and just want to be on the safe side =)


      best wishes