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    This has become the death of me.... SWFLOADER HELL

    combustion007 Level 1

      I have been at it for days now, and I am sure I am not the only one tangled in this SWFLOADER issue.

      I have two swf files yet one SWFLOADER. So when user clicks for the "clip1.swf" it gets loaded, and if the user clips for "clip2.swf", the second swf file is loaded within the same SWFLOADER.

      The issue that has become the death of me is to first unload the loaded SWF before loading the next one into the SWFLOADER. I have tried everything that I could find on GOOGLE but when I try to load the next swf, it does get loaded within the same SWFLOADER but then Application crashes. I have been at this for the past 5 weeks and have not made any progress.

      Any Help on this would highly be appreciated.